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Post by HopeDope on Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:45 am

Hey there,
so I play Dope Flyff now over 2 Weeks, and it´s very boring now because there are not much players and not much Events.
i got some ideas for Melisa and all other guys could say yes to it or no Very Happy

so here are my ideas:
1. 1x 511 awakes drppabel in dugeons. (like animus/something else with hard mobs)
2. Hide and seek Event (/te ...?) price is 1 item 3x511 awake.
3. Some Quiz questions (when was michel jackson born?) price 3x 511 awake or Pet dancer
4. invasion like in Flaris spawn 5 mobs that are hard to kill, and they drop instand rebirth scroll.
5. a red Chip system so that there are other Weapons like Pyro/Beezlebub/Kasdeya so maybe more powerful weps with 9999% or something else.

so theres only one Probleme here if there is red Chips sytem don´t /ci "Red Chip" so then Melisa has to turn it off. But i Think this server Could be MUCH BETTER THEN YET! so just vote and let me a feedback melisa could read this and could think about those ideas.

much Dope players only play for a week.
becasue they have no idea what to do so because every player wants to be the strongest and so they only chat with an donor the donor gives the high awakes and then they are gone. so we want that it goes fast but we have to break it a bit with getting high and powerfull wepons at the beginning. so it would be great to play wee see Ingame Very Happy


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PVE/PVP Balance Empty Re: PVE/PVP Balance

Post by trizh on Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:08 am

actually this server is too op. not balance... and Melisa is not the owner


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